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Massage Treatment in Surprise, AZ

Is life getting you down and working you up? Our massage treatments in Surprise, AZ, can take your worries away. We've opened a brand new salon staffed with health experts who know just what you need to feel better. Depending on your needs and budget, we can suggest different types of massage sessions for best results.

If you're feeling extra tense all over, we recommend our full body massages. This applies our stress relief techniques from your head and shoulders down to your legs and feet. If there is any place you would prefer not to be touched or you're particularly sensitive in a certain area, simply let us know. We're here to make you feel as comfortable as can be.

What Are Massages?

Massages involve rubbing and pressing the skin, tendons, muscles, and ligaments, typically on your back. We're here to help you feel, look, and sleep better. Alycan Design Medispa offers a variety of different options, including deep tissue, full body, Swedish, and stone massages. You'll feel at peace during and after the process and may have more energy for the next few days. It'll be the gift to yourself that keeps on giving.

What Can Massage Therapy Do?

The benefits of massage therapy are many, but the main reason our clients love it is that it relieves stress and tension in the muscles. This is your chance to relax and let loose for a while as our highly skilled masseuse works magic. Besides easing your stress level, a massage that relaxes your muscles can also help with:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Sports Injuries
  • Joint Pain
  • Stress-Related Insomnia
Relaxed People in Sun City West, AZ

Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

A Swedish massage is a gentle technique that kneads deep circular movements and long strokes that both energize and relax your entire body. This practice increases the oxygen level in the blood, which does wonders for flexibility and circulation. Swedish is one of the best known types of massages, and we can administer it expertly, with a gentle touch that'll make you feel worlds better.

Our deep tissue massage is similar to the Swedish variety, but focuses more on the deepest layers of muscle tissue and tendons. This is the part that surrounds your bones and joints as well as muscle. This type of massage therapy works so well that it has been recommended by doctors to treat physical issues. At our medical spa, we combine knowledge of health and wellness with spa techniques and practices to bring you a special deep tissue massage that loosens even the most well-hidden of knots.

Contact us to book your massage. We provide these to clients from Surprise, Sun City West, Peoria, Sun City, and Glendale, Arizona, and surrounding areas.