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Wedding Package in Sun City West, AZ

Selecting the right wedding photographer for your special day is a very important decision. At Alycan Design Medispa we pride ourselves in providing amazing photography as well as relaxing medispa services for your wedding day. Our engagement photography session is done prior to the wedding. You choose the location whether it is the beach, city or a park and we will create unique, memoriable photos for you to enjoy for years to come. Our wedding coverage ranges from $1000 to $5000. Most couples desire five to eight hours of photography coverage with a wedding album and a variety of spa services

Photography Packages


Package 1

Free Consultation Session

3 to 5 hours of photography

100+ professional prints & DVD

Wedding Photo Album - 25 prints 

Medispa Services for Two

Bride T-Shirt

Wedding Gift Baskets



Package 2

Free Consultation Session

8 hours of photography

200 + professional prints & DVD

Wedding Photo Album - 50 pages

Medispa Services for Two

Bride Body Sculpture (3 Treatments)

Bride and Groom T-Shirts



Package 3

Engagement Session

Signature Collection for Two

Photo Facial for Two

Mask Experience for Two

Wedding Canvas Photo

Bride and Groom T-Shirts

Honeymoon Gift Basket


Wedding Spa Packages

For the most important day in your life, trust the wedding professionals at Alycan Design Medispa in Sun City West, AZ. We specialize in making your wedding day the most beautiful and glamorous day of your life. We offer a day at the spa as a treat for a couple's date, bachelorette party of before your wedding. Our expert aestheticians and makeup artists will make everyone look fabulous before and on your big day. Some of our packages include the mask experience and raspberry package.

Mask Experience

  • Two dozen roses
  • Luxury Facials
  • Serums & LED Therapy
  • Scent & Sound Therapy
  • 4 hours - $500

Raspberry Package

  • Wine & Cheese
  • Designer Facial Maska
  • Microcurrent Therapy
  • Stone Therapy
  • 3-D Massage
  • 4 hours - $500

Signature Package

Our signature spa packages have been designed by owner and aesthetician Alyca Updegraff after researching and compiling various treatments from medispas all over the country.  Our Signature Collection Package, which lasts approximately four hours, includes the following:

All Eyes On The Bride! Body Sculptor

More than 90% of women are not happy with their bodies, and we're here to do our part to lower that statistic. That's why we're pleased to provide our clients with targeted Sculpture Services in Sun City West, AZ. When you're in need of high-quality body contouring done by professionals, there's no better place to go than Alycan Design Medispa. We relieve you of unwanted excess fat and skin that may have stuck around after you lost weight. This gives the look and feel of a healthy body and a happy, confident mind.

Sculptor warms the underlying layers of the skin and draws the collagen to the skin's surface. The device can be placed on whatever area you want to remove fat from such as the face, stomach, abodomen, buttocks, etc. 

At our salon, we use Sculpture to help our clients achieve their dream bodies. This advancement is the first radio frequency treatment in the world to receive approval from the FDA. It's a non-invasive fat reduction technique that requires minimal recovery time and can be done in less than 30 minutes. There is little-to-no pain and you'll see a significant reduction after only one treatment. Treaments cause the heating of fat cells in the adipose layer of the skin. This loose connective tissue is comprised mostly of adipocytes and stores energy in the form of lipids (fats). The heat from the RF forces the adipocytes to release the fatty acids into the lymphatic sytstem, which acts as a filter for the body.

The full affect of the radio frequency (RF) treatment does not become apparent until about three to six months after the first treatment. The results can last around two year, but they can vary to as little as six months or for some much longer. Factors that control this include the client's age, physical condition, sun exposure, weight they want to loose or weight gain, their own natural aging process and the area of the body being treated.  This treatment can also help firm the face, especially along the jowls and upper neck as well as tightening the eyes. This reduces the creeping of the skin and hooding and cuts down on the under eye bagginess. The RF method can tighten areas made saggy by weight loss and pregnancy and also can reduce cellelite.

If the RF method procedure is combined with other treatments like Botox or collagen injections overall results can be affected.

Pink Wedding Dress White Wedding Dress Wedding Dress

Body Sculptor Package:

2 hrs Abdomen $500

2 hrs Buttocks $500

2 hrs Legs $500

2 hrs Arms & Hands $500

2 hrs Face & Neck $500

We also offer a 3, 6 or 12 treatment package and can bundle prices!

Contact us to help you find the perfect wedding package. We happily pamper clients in Sun City West, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, and Glendale, Arizona, and surrounding areas.